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Month: June 2018

The Advantage of Blog Commenting

Blog commenting benefits include high authority link building and gaining popularity. This in turn leads to getting recognised as a Professional in your Niche. Therefore it also comes highly recommended to focus blog commenting on secure sites. These are domains that have an SSL certificate registered and https protocol enabled. So if your own site is yet to be secured then you simply contact your hosting provider and request an SSL certificate registration.

But what is Link Building?

Link Building is part of your on-site SEO and crucial if you’re going to leverage your blog commenting benefits. There are inbound and outbound links but as mentioned earlier, try focussing on the https URLs. Link building can increase your site popularity depending what kind of links they are. Which is why High Authority links are more preferable. In a nutshell, link building is the art of linking to relevant content to increase popularity and conversion.

Can I get Traffic to my Blog through Commenting?

Yes you can leverage your blog commenting benefits and attract more web traffic to your Blog. But that will largely depend on what you comment and to whom. Read other comments and note on what is being discussed, but more importantly what is asked. Read the post you’re about to comment on (to the last word) and add value to the content in your comment.

To leverage blog commenting benefits for traffic your content must be as compelling as any other. The comment need to inspire curiosity through addressing a need. And also suggest a solution (Without Any Links) because you’re building reputation not a bank account.

You need to be painfully specific with your targeting. Because random comments with promotional content is not commenting. That is nothing more than spam and No professional webmaster will ever approve your comment. Blog commenting is Not a way to get traffic to your affiliate links and offers. It is a way to get traffic to your own blog and blog posts.

What exactly is a Professional Comment?

A professional comment does not include any links, unless asked after by the Blog Owner. Or on blogs where the Comment Luv Plugin is enabled. But even then the plugin will only share the link to your latest post. The comment window will request the submission of your Name, Email Address and URL. This is where you share your own Blog URL or a URL to one of your Blog Posts.

When you effectively inspire curiosity then naturally the visitor will want to know more. Then they will visit your blog and most probably stay a while. And that is also the difference between a Hit and an actual Visitor staying on your Blog.

But what if the URL option is not provided?

If it is not present in the comment window then you do not include any links in the comment. Many of these comment sections may be linked to sites like Disquss. In which case you need to open your free account and register for ultimate blog commenting benefits in this manner.

With this method of commenting, all your comments will be recorded in your Disquss profile. Which in turn includes the URL to your Blog. So when inspired readers visit your profile they will also visit your Blog.

What is the difference between Inbound and Outbound links?

Inbound links are links to content with the same primary URL. These are both relevant posts and links to blog pages of the same blog. Each post should include at least one link to another blog page. A blog post link is considered an “Orphaned” link without a back link to a blog page. These are hyperlinks placed in post and page content.

Outbound links are links to blog posts and pages of a different URL than the Primary. These are also placed as hyperlinks within your own content relevant to the content contained in the shared link.

In Conclusion

Blog Commenting Benefits include boosting site popularity through content and presentation. Popular sites attracts more favour from search engines and will increase your blog ranking capability. But a blog comment is not a sales page, which is called Spam. Commenting on other Blogs must be leveraged for traffic to your own blog only. You cannot promote affiliate links and offers in a blog comment.

Tips To Make Great Content

Content curation is a quick way to produce helpful content for your target audience. It’s a shortcut to adding valuable content to your blog or website because you’re not producing it from scratch. But you are offering value by writing comments on why it’s useful, beneficial or relevant to your audience.

It’s the process of locating, arranging, placing comments on and spreading online the best and most relevant content about the niche you are working in.

Determine a Strategy

How much curated content do you want on your blog? A good blend could be 70{69689d74ac1cb2d98eae0b3b905b61c5343ac5e83bc42b61f67b8ac34e3cac11} original content, 30{69689d74ac1cb2d98eae0b3b905b61c5343ac5e83bc42b61f67b8ac34e3cac11} curated.

Where Will You Get The Content?

Make a checklist of the most important websites and blogs you visit on a regular basis. Read the headlines to find the content you find helpful and think your target audience will appreciate.

Your Tone of Voice

Some people really like to report the facts. Others enjoy stirring up controversy and be as contentious as possible.

Give An Opinion on the Curated Content

Many entrepreneurs who curate content just put up the subject material without saying why it’s important or what the context is. Talk about the issues, why the content shows a development about the specific issue, and so on. Make connections for the reader so they can see the value of the content and the value of the thought and work you are putting into your curation.

What Are Your Target Audience’s Pain Points

What are the most widespread problems that your audience have and what can help them fix those problems? Yes, you want to sell your own products, but don’t avoid referring to your competitors entirely or it will seem unnatural and spammy.

Answer Their Common Questions

Frequently asked questions need an answer. If you don’t have time to answer them all, use curated content to assist you. Remark on the content, such as why the strategy is good, bad, or could be better in some way. This will carry on demonstrating your knowledge and that you are worth paying attention to.

Pick Out the Best Content from the Best Sources

Think of yourself as the professional editor of a popular magazine. Only let the top content reach your pages.

Know How To Curate Content Legally

Make sure that you credit all your resources so you’re not accused of robbing content. Give the Website URL of the original work and the name of the author or publication, the date, and any other relevant information. If you’re uncertain about using the content material, get in touch with the website owner and ask. Generally, they’ll be happy to give approval, provided you’re not slating their work as a load of garbage.

How To Grow Your Blog Traffic

All the bloggers in the world want to have more and more traffic on their blogs. There are plenty of ways by which you can do that. Here are few tricks that will help you in achieving more than your targets.

#1 Provide your visitors with consistency
The most important factor that will increase traffic is the consistency of the readers on your blog. You can adopt for daily topic systems, daily tricks, and tips or any other thing that comes to your mind. After that, you will see a sudden increase in your traffic. Make sure that you post often on your blog so that your visitors keep returning back to your blogs.

#2 Do not neglect old posts
Prompting your old posts will also lead to increase in traffic. There are many people who write the post and entirely focus on that neglecting the old ones. Each post that bloggers write can generate traffic. You can create a spreadsheet with all the post, titles and links. Make sure that you are giving equal attention to yours. This way you will be able to double your traffic.

#3 Face the change
There are many people who do consider redesigning their blogs as important because they are afraid of the change. You will need a new approach from time to time so don’t be afraid and face the change. Your visitors might also be looking for something new and make your goals clearer. Changing the design of your pages like home page and others will definitely bounce up your traffic and users will feel a fresh look.

#4 Take your users to next page
If your layout of the blog contains read, comments on the post then it is wrong. Users should know when to switch to next. Most of the user’s after reading might want to go further and if they will not find a way they will quit. You might be thinking that users will visit your home page and then will seek from there, but this is not the case. It is your responsibility that you point them in the right direction. You can do this by linking your posts so that they can check out the other categories as well. This way they will know where they are heading the next.

#5 Summarize
These are the tricks that will definitely help you in gaining traffic to your blogs. A blogger must think by keeping themselves in the shoes of the readers. They should think of making blogs that are interesting, informative and easy to navigate.

Also, make sure that you are changing the designs of your home page. Don’t be afraid as this will please your readers. They will have a nice image of you because the one who loves changes is always having fresh ideas.

Tips To Change Your Career

Are you one of the many that are seriously considering making a career change, and thinking about the steps needed to make a successful switch? It’s important to have a good plan in place before committing to starting a new career.

A Good Plan and a Long-Term View

It’s best to be sure that the change will bring you and your family happiness, joy, and financial security. A low-stress atmosphere each day is always recommended and beneficial long-term.

Here’s a list of 8 things that I would need to do to make my career change a successful one:

  1. I would make a list of my personal, and family needs or requirements. I’ll include everything that I need to keep myself in a happy and comfy state while I make this career change.
  2. What will I give in exchange for learning and earning in my new career? It is very important to understand that in order to add such an activity as a new career to my life, I need to take the time and energy away from something else and give it to my future pursuit. I will no doubt have to give up some TV time, maybe not watch television for a few hours per night. I’ll have to give up my wasted computer time of watching YouTube videos about news and entertainment, or I might need to sacrifice a few nights a week and weekends. Many fail because they simply cannot find the time to change. It’s always up to me to take my own time and spend it wisely. This determines my success and speed in reaching my goals.
  3. Do I have what it takes to excel at this new career? I need to be honest with myself. I might have to develop the qualities and characteristics that are necessary in order to thrive and be successful in this new career. An example can be seen in a salesperson. An experienced and successful salesperson will have great communication skills. Whatever product or service they’re selling, they have the skills needed for a solid foundation. Skills like good leadership, organizational skills, and they’re great listeners, able to read their prospect’s minds well. They know how to explain, in a convincing way, how their product or service is perfect for them and something that they just can’t live without. These are all abilities that can be developed and many have sharpened their characters to excel in their profession and have become very successful.
  4. I’ll want to talk to a few people who are currently in the career that I’m considering and ask questions and get a good picture of what it’s like from one day to another in that particular job or career. I’ll make a list of the pros and cons. Some things might sound great and rewarding, but once I do my research my mind might change and see it as less appealing.
  5. It’s easier now than ever before to get educated on just about any career that I might want to do. Using the internet I can always find more than enough information, courses, groups, and local resources to learn from. I may have to learn from a few different sources and through the internet, I can connect with whoever I need to in order to get what I need to progress in my situation. I can Google them and follow them on social media and forums, etc.
  6. I’ll need to be ready for challenges and set my mind to overcome them all and not give up. It’s important to consider the cost before I start my journey into my new career. If I become aware of the challenges through my research then I can prepare myself to meet that situation before the need arises. Some underestimate the challenges and overestimate their own abilities to meet the challenges. That’s why it’s necessary for me to consider these things before committing to a career that I might be tired of in a few years. Once I’m sure of the path that I want to take I can put my plan for success in place.
  7. Now I’ll follow my plan and overcome all obstacles until I reach a certain amount of success. My plan might change some along the way but I’ll continually learn and strive to reach my goals asap and not waste my time but I’ll do my best to make the most of it.
  8. I would also join a community group of like-minded individuals that all have similar type goals. This group will help one another reach their goals, and will even celebrate with them when they are reached.